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Jo Bhi Khaya Maan Ko Bhaya

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Jo Bhi Khaya Maan Ko Bhaya

We have been in our traditional Mithai trade since 1970 and it was founded by our Father Haji Shaheedin and we are trying our level best to maintain our commitment to continue our ancestral trade. We are not only known amongst our Mithai segment but also other varieties which are widely consumed by the people who have sweet tooth and desperate to taste them.

During manufacturing of our quality products we much care about on the quality and quantity so that end consumer could feel the pride to taste our duly filled and stuffed quality healthy ingredients being used in our products. As far as the edible oil is concerned we do not compromise to cook them in high quality edible Oil (Dhesi Ghee) to the extent of ratio of 40% and the remaining 60% in normal edible oil (normal ghee) which one can digest easily. Our renowned and Branded sweets, cakes, and our other varieties of our traditional sweets, Bakers & confectionery items, give the end consumer the feeling of consciousness of home made Mithai – Halwas, Fast Food, different range of exotic flavours of ice cream, Traditional Cook House (Pakwan House) and Sheermal House (typical varieties of sweet rotis).

Our products has become a need of every house-wives who cannot survive without them and have made them constrained to consume on every traditional occasions irrespective of cast, creed, and culture. Our Brand is known so widely to the end consumer that they cannot afford to forget to have them after their normal meals.

Our Mithai’s presence has become vital for every occasions – campaigne, promotions inauguration of any set up, etc it reminds them to celebrate them with our mithai without which they feel the sence of deprivation. Muhammadi Sweets has been providing its customers a number with different flavours, colors and taste that will make all occasions unforgettable, joyful and precious. Muhammadi Sweets is trustworthy name which has become the guarantee of taste and standard in the world of sweets by the grace of Allah.