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Documents and files may be easily shared in a VDR. The best VDRs allow you to set authorization levels several groups of users. Some team members may only ought to view certain sections of the files, and this feature can easily prevent staff members from transfering confidential info. Other users may want to view documents only, while other people may have to reading a complete file. There are several other secureness features available, too, just like password safety.

The VDR also allows you to control who has access to the documents. If the documents happen to be sensitive, it ought to be assigned into a specific person or group of people. The moderator should be able to limit the amount of get directed at individual users, and can take away certain persons from get after a selected period of time. In addition, there should be pre-installed features to screen the access logs, which can make it much easier to track who may have accessed the files.

Besides limiting who are able to access the documents, VDRs should be able to apply dynamic watermarks on guarded documents. The watermarks should be evidently visible rather than interfere with the readability for the underlying text message. In addition , the written text can also consist of dynamic information, such as a wearer’s IP address or perhaps current email address. Lastly, the VDR should allow users to choose the text message they want to experience in their watermarks.

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