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How to Select a color

Selecting the colour of the drapes to match the colour of the walls is very unwise. In this case, the window unifies using the wall, and the interior becomes more unexpressive. Often the cloth for the window is chosen to match the remainder of the cloth or even furniture. If the furniture is glowing, then the drapes are better to choose neutral colours. And vice versa, vivid, sexy curtains will add spirits and charm to the space in pastel colours.

When choosing the tone of drapes in the room for a teenager, the critical criteria are:

  • Tastes and opinions about the Operator.
  • Interests and hobbies.
  • The layout and color scheme of the room.
  • The gender of the child.

The final result is a whole lot more valued if the child takes part in the choice of design choices, color and texture options, decorative components.

The theme of drapes Is Dependent upon the interests and hobbies of the owner:

  • Ballerinas.
  • Nature and vegetation.
  • Birds.

With the choice of color and pattern of drapes in a teenager’s room it’s important not to overdo it and also avoid excesses. In case the area is replete with glowing objects, you should not pick up variegated drapes. In this case, you want to select single-colored curtains, calm colors, muted patterns.

Important nuances when choosing textiles for a teenager’s room

The plan of curtains for a kid’s room should not only the adult household members, but also the young master or mistress of the space. Take into account when choosing them and if the kid likes to wake up in the morning at the light flooded toddlers, or he prefers penumbra. Consider another set of rules to be followed after choosing drapes:

In the area of a child who is of an active age, when he prefers transferring sports or games activities, you should not hang curtains to the floor. Playing, he might get entangled in these or use them to play hide-and-seek. The curtains will always become dirty. In addition to the probability of dividing the curtain rod. Short curtains in a kid’s area are preferable.

  • Accessories shouldn’t be bad for the child’s wellbeing. In the area of the child is no location for curtain decorations such as beads or pendants. He can rip off and consume them.
  • Sliding mechanisms ought to be easy to work with, including for a kid.
  • The fabric for drapes should be organic: linen, cotton. There ought to be no problems when washing and ironing them.
  • When picking colors it’s necessary to take into account the inside of the space as well as the tastes of its owner. There are a number of shades that are better to not use at all, such as black, purple.

A crucial point is to take care of the kid’s safety. Kids are very portable and inventive creatures, any household item can turn into a toy for them, or an object involved in the game. Often children use drapes in their games, concealing behind them or crawling between them. Therefore, a very strong attachment of this curtain pole and drapes is necessary.

Also be careful that the drapes you hang are made from fabrics which do not trigger allergies, however, are weatherproof and easy to wash. Also significant is that a comfortable ability to transform so the child can open and close the curtains himself.

Design ideas can be drawn from several sources: magazines, photos on the Internet, from friends and acquaintances. It’s best to be guided by your preferences, your kid’s fantasies, and guidance from designers who specialize in apartment interiors.

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