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It’s a joy to use authentic manual focus lens on Fuji X cameras thankfully to quite convenient focus support platform. It is the main reason I’d like to use third party lens available for Fuji X mount, or adapting the other compact lens options. One of my favorite accommodated lens on Fuji X camera would be Voigtlander 50mm F even though it’s designed for a Full Frame and is a bit hefty. However, I like it for little dimensions and adequate moderate sharpness so perfect for portrait. Obviously any other lens APS-C option ought to be optically smaller so I was constantly searching for another options. 7artisans 55mm Fis quite interesting candidate as a result of attractive cost and 14-blades aperture. Unboxing 7artisans 55mm F1. 4I’ve received this lens sample as a surprising talent directly from 7artisansfactory. It was a great surprise, since I never attempted 55mm on cropped detector and it’s a terrific chance to try a little more slender angle. Lens arrived securely packed into a sealed box. 7artisans generally print optical formula and also add mount sticker (“FX” in my case) on the back box side. This sealed tape means that the box was not opened following the mill launch. I had been anticipating the little size, as it is APS-C lens. But still I got impressed by how really small it is. Lens is wrapped in plastic bag and sits at high review | 7artisans 55mm f/1 4 lens | density foam compartment, so that may be later used as a suitable storage. This 7artisans 55mm Fsample typically will come with plastic front and rear caps. I instantly tried the aperture ring spinning to observe the 14-blades aperture shape. Surprisingly it’s quite tight to flip. I think that it’s expected for such big variety of blades to prevent any harm in the event the easy quick spinning is possible. I like the plan of the aperture ring and focus ring — textured shape with curved borders is very convenient. Though by each time complain is lack of step-click that typicaly forces to appear at lens amounts more frequently than I do when utilizing ckick-stop aperture of Voigtlander. 4 shot samples (with Fuji X-E2s body)The photo below is a downsized square crop of the fundamental frame area taken at F The DOF is quite narrow even on APS-C sensor when the distance to the area is about 3ft. I enjoy this moderate amount of sharpness at Fwhich is considerably softer than native Fuji X lens. Nonetheless, it brings sufficient amount of information. The backdrop is lovely blurry with no distractive artifacts. Clearly 7artisans 55mm Fis designed for subjects in the middle. Just think about its price, there are no ED or aspherical elements. So it’s expected to see quite soft places in corners and borders even at F such as on the picture below (downsized to 1200px)

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