Being able to function Notebook files opens up so many networks to mentor and a whole brand-new bank of resources that are readily available online for you to use with your class or staff members. With functional software program, you will be able to conveniently open, modify, and sight Note pad lessons shared amongst coworkers.

The SMART Note Pad Interactive Audience is an application that can be used by teachers, federal government firms, and also companies. The application allows a user to open their lessons and view pages with a page sorter, play embedded recordings and also Adobe Flash material, write over content in digital ink and also engage with widgets, computer animations, and also tasks.

Just How Can SMART Notebook Interactive Customer Aid You Open As well as Modify Note pad files?

As Soon As the SMART Note pad interactive visitor is downloaded, it permits individuals to conveniently open a SMART Notebook documents and also its add-ons without any Net link. Educators, trainees, moms and dads, business and also more can all benefit from obtaining access to lesson file, powerpoint presentation upload, see web pages utilizing the page sorter, play embedded recordings and Adobe Flash material, communicate using widgets, computer animations, activities, therefore much more

These SMART Notebook proprietary documents are planned for usage with the SMART Boards as well as SMART’ s Interactive Reaction systems.At site SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer for windows from Our Articles Educators, companies, or government agencies who utilize such systems develop these files with the included Note pad software program. When you know how to open up Notebook documents, you, too, can make use of the lesson with your course or associates, even without having a SMART Board to run it on.

The application comes with a lots of beneficial functions such as pen devices and also message functions. It also allows you to add and remove slides, sort web pages, relocate objects, run flash files, and also develop as well as conserve note pad documents of your very own. With the benefit of being online, you can utilize it with various other brand names of interactive white boards or with an LCD projector.

For your lessons and also discussions, you have a ton of devices to allow you to personalize and also make your work extra interactive. There is also the gallery energy that permits you to use a lots of pictures, games, graphics, interactive activities, web pages, as well as a lot more. Whatever include it is that requirement to make your lessons as well as discussions better, you can conveniently pull up from the SMART Note pad Interactive search tool.

Being that the SMART Note pad Interactive Audience application integrates so well right into Windows, the program remains really light on computer sources at all times, so you put on’ t experience any type of decrease on your os whatsoever.

The application is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, 8, and also 10 32 as well as 64-bit computers. It is likewise offered for download in a documents dimension of about 164.82 MEGABYTES

Though most parts of the application are complimentary, in order for you to be able to access the complete features you will certainly require to make a full purchase

Key Features of SMART Notebook Interactive Customer Include:

  • Ability to navigate pages making use of the Web page Sorter tab
  • Sustains include as well as remove text, erase, resize objects and even more devices to install YouTube video clips
  • CLEVER File Video camera combination
  • Picture gallery and also search
  • Sound and also Pen tools
  • Math-specific tools
  • Install a web browser
  • Supports standard Adobe Flash modern technology usage
  • Supplies Technical as well as on-line assistance
  • Combination with SMART Pen Tray Interactive lesson shipment
  • Send out lessons straight to your SMART Board
  • Control lessons from a mobile phone
  • Share entire lessons with any kind of trainee device
  • Teacher-paced and also student-paced distribution
  • Promote on-the-fly brainstorming


If you are a trainer, teacher, business, or usually do a lot of lessons, estimates, and also presentations, the SMART Notebook Interactive Visitor is a great device to make your work simpler. From the tool’ s panel, you can choose from a lots of functions to make your lessons or presentations much more durable, interactive, and also impactful.

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