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Its capability to integrate with over 500 business apps makes it a good fit for construction companies that do a lot of high-tech design and engineering. Its core platform is a workforce management system, which includes online onboarding and offboarding, https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ document management, reporting, and workflow automation tools. Then, you can add HR and IT modules, including full-service payroll that works in all 50 states. It also allows you to pay contractors, although there’s no contractor-only plan .

  • It took a hit on pricing because you need to call for a quote, and it’s more expensive than the other construction payroll software on our list (although it’s cheaper than eBacon).
  • Paying Construction Employees is only the first step in the equation.
  • However, once you’re out of the discounted pay period, you may find your payroll costs running up toward the expensive end.
  • EBacon and Payroll4Construction both received perfect marks here.
  • In some cases, we can even offer direct billing through your payroll.
  • This enables contractors to monitor where their employees are logging their hours by job site, all automatically.

Managing, tracking, and paying your workers across multiple projects can quickly get pretty complicated. Add in prevailing wage rates, union fringes, and construction report and you’ve got quite the task. Our industry specific expert will painlessly guide you through setting up proper systems. It’s convenient, reduces payroll processing time and provides a digital stamp—showing when and where a check was deposited. Employees also enjoy the hassle free nature of having a check placed directly in their bank accounts. Additionally, some contractors today are also turning to alternative payment processes like paying wages directly to ready-to-use debit cards or online payment processing sites.

Easy, Online Payroll for Contractors

These buyers also need to comply with Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations related to vendors and independent 1099 contractors.

Who should approve payroll?

Paying Employees and Payroll Taxes

In small companies in which this is not feasible, the owner or upper management should authorize all checks or designate two trusted employees to have control of authorization, requiring both signatures for authorization.

Usually if they handle the trades, it’s evident in their ability to handle certified payroll, union dues and job cost accounting, etc. Yes, ADP’s payroll software can handle job costing for construction companies. Business owners can create construction cost reports within ADP’s platform. Remote’s services can be used by businesses of all sizes across 60+ countries.

Payroll Processing

Jay brings 10+years of experience in managing ERP and CRM engagements to successful outcomes. He brings a wealth of knowledge in Microsoft products, including MS D365/AX and the Sure Step methodology.

The PEO writes the paychecks and makes the payroll tax deposit and filings. It handles worker’s compensation, unemployment claims, wage garnishment and a whole host of other payroll and employee-related issues. You, as the employer, have to write them a monthly check to cover the costs of payroll, taxes, insurance and other benefits and, of course, their profit. The earlier in the year they start, the less Construction Payroll Services work there is for the payroll company to enter. Once this is done, they just run your next payroll as if they were servicing your company all-along. Most or all of this information is in your payroll binder if you’re using another payroll company. Note, however, that most payroll companies charge only a small fee in order to “set up” a new client, and the real work is on their shoulders, not yours.

Payroll4Construction is the #1 payroll service provider for contractors. We handle all the complex construction payroll issues, so you don’t have to. Injuries during construction are always possible — it’s simply a fact of life.

Know where you stand on your jobs

Just log in and get the reports you need.How We’re different We’re built just for the construction industry. All payroll services do paychecks and taxes, but we understand construction payroll. However, technology has made it easier for today’s professionals to self-serve their HR and payroll needs. Web portals, mobile tools and other online features built into connected construction software suites provide a centralized point of access, available to employees when they need it. Upper Left Accounting offers full-service construction payroll processing and payroll services to construction businesses throughout Washington State. QuickBooks Online Payroll is a cloud-based full-service payroll software for small-to-mid-sized businesses with up to 150 employees and contractors to pay.

  • You’ll need your payroll service provider to be able to handle these complex pay rates and benefits to process payroll effectively.
  • Remote is a solid payroll solution for businesses that are paying international contractors or want to leave the hassles of international tax laws and compliance to the professionals.
  • Our wide-ranging business tools are completely tailored to your industry.
  • Jay brings 10+years of experience in managing ERP and CRM engagements to successful outcomes.
  • Your payroll vendor can assist with supplying the information in the format needed for these reports.
  • It’s convenient, reduces payroll processing time and provides a digital stamp—showing when and where a check was deposited.

If you start your payroll software search with a detailed list of your construction business’s needs, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a payroll software solution that meets them. Construction companies needing full-service payroll with optional time-tracking, HR, and benefits administration add-ons will find that Rippling delivers on each front. From managing inventory, labor, safety, contracts, and more, there’s never enough time in the day. Save time and run payroll in less than 5 minutes with QuickBooks Payroll.

Payroll Service Features:

For more information on how GTM can transform the way you operate your construction company, request a free consultation and demo. We’re leading the way in how to manage payroll, HR, and so much more.

We pair you with our industry specific HR expert to get you compliant – and keep you that way. Payroll, HCM, and many more solutions for all your business needs.

QuickBooks Payroll: Best for QuickBooks Accounting Users

You may need to pay employees or access timecard tracking data or reports from a job site. Your employees may need to access their timecards or other payroll self-service features on the go, as well, making mobile access essential for construction companies and employees. Gusto stands out because it offers multiple payment options with two- and next-day direct deposits (although QuickBooks Payroll has a same-day option).

These buyers need cloud-based payroll software to manage on-site employees. The software should be able to include 1099 contractors, manage rents, pay royalties and calculate federal withholding taxes. The software can also integrate with various leave management and time tracking functionality/tools to accurately calculate employee wages, bonuses and overtime. Its ease of use, solid construction-specific features, and efficient payroll tools contributed to its high marks. It’s also the only service on our list that offers a fringe benefits trust fund from which employees can take cash advances.

Robie has more than five years of content writing experience and specializes in writing about payroll and human resources software for small businesses. Because hours are automatically uploaded they only have to worry about clocking in and out. Payroll managers are happier because they don’t have to chase down time sheets and have more control over how they spend their day. In conclusion, managing a construction business without a Construction Payroll Software is like walking on glass without your shoes on.

Can a bookkeeper process payroll?

Bookkeepers, as previously stated, are instrumental in the ongoing financial upkeep of your business. Some tasks that are regularly undertaken by your bookkeeper can include: Processing invoices, receipts, payments, and other financial transactions. Processing and maintaining your payroll system.

Time2Pay by Accuchex features an easy to use interface that makes building your certified payroll simple. Users can input basic information such as dates and times worked, job and pay codes, total wages, prevailing wage rates, and more. Create projects in the software, and designate employees individually to each group for accurate tracking of their hours across multiple job sites. Some general kinds of businesses may prosper with one-size-fits-all payroll services.

A PEO will charge a fee based on a percentage of your gross wages. Also, they consolidate their insurance and other benefits and typically make money off the discount. This may mean you have no choice of carriers, and in some cases, you may pay more for the service if you already have good rates from your insurance provider. You must also consider what your employees’ reaction will be to working for a new company even though you assure them that nothing has changed. Payroll4Construction is cloud-based payroll software designed for construction businesses in the US. In addition to full-service payroll, Payroll4Construction offers a selection of construction-specific reports and labor law compliance support.

Even with the best safety practices in place, honest mistakes and accidents can still occur. Protecting your business, and your employees, from the costs incurred by a workplace injury is best accomplished with workers comp insurance. Where will you find the time to track down a solid policy, though? There are many factors that go into the decision, and many possible providers; that means a lot of fine print to read. With all of the effort put into creating an accurate payroll on time, it’s important to know that the end result is not just an accurate report ready to submit.


Tracking the physical completion of a job across milestones can help control construction project costs. When the first milestone is achieved, look at your material, labor and overhead expenses. If these costs went above what was originally forecast, you can correct the issues that caused the overage in successive milestones and bring the project back within budget. Another way to control costs is to spread overhead expenses among multiple jobs that might use the same equipment. Many businesses are relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance their payroll operations. They rely on machine learning when outsourcing payroll functions. Preliminary data shows that AI and machine learning has been exceptionally effective.

While there are many payroll software options available, not all are designed for construction companies’ specific payroll needs. Fortunately, most popular payroll software solutions can easily manage running payroll for construction businesses. Construction companies have specific needs from their payroll providers, including the ability to withhold union dues, process union vacation benefits, track time and attendance, and more. You’ll need your payroll service provider to be able to handle these complex pay rates and benefits to process payroll effectively. Job costing gives contractors a clearer picture of exactly where their jobs stand.

How do construction projects control cost?

The need to file multiple reports on a regular basis demands a well-rounded solution, as there are penalties for failing to report weekly. CRM will keep you tax compliant, while also offering worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies for your crew. We also provide efficient, accurate certified payroll reporting, turning reports around in a few days, so you can get paid fast for your work. With over 12 years of experience and 2,500+ W-2 employees, licensed in 48 states, CRM Workforce Solutions empowers companies to spend less time on payroll and more time on doing what they do best.

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